Day – 7 Last Day at Work

If it isn’t done now it will have to wait a while … like until mid October. All the little bits and pieces that the RO will say are unnecessary have been acquired, shipped, packed and otherwise dealt with, bills paid and SunGard projects completed as much as possible. But before Chuck left, the employees at SunGard Securities Finance had one more little surprise …



Yes that is a cake and it was certainly edible – scale model of a ’49 Cadillac with Chinese goodie boxes on one side and the Eifel Tower on the other and, yes, the sand was also delicious. Thanks everyone who made it such a fun time. Next stop, Beijing.

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2 Responses to Day – 7 Last Day at Work

  1. Spencer Merz says:

    May good fortune smile on you, Loyd, and ‘ol #86.

    I look forward to following your trip.

    Best of everything,


  2. mike mcswain says:

    Have a wonderful time, may good fortune smile on you every mile of the journey. Enjoy! Thank you for sharing this experience with us.

    sue, joe, and mike

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