Day -1 Inspection

A busy day – FIVA inspection went well – no problems. All the inspectors were very nice and they too seemed to be enjoying themselves. Lots of cars and people – it’s a good thing the area was restricted to competitors only as it would have been a real mob scene.

We had our GPS programmed, attended an excellent briefing and best of all we obtained our Turkmenistan visas. Lots of paperwork, checking and rechecking and while it doesn’t sound like much, we had little time for pictures. We did unpack and repack all the supplies which is good as we discovered a loose top on a can of leaking octane boost – nice mess.

Very nice dinner with all attending and off to bed as we have an early start tomorrow.



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4 Responses to Day -1 Inspection

  1. Young Lloyd says:

    More excellent news! Good luck tomorrow guys…

  2. Mike Tucker says:

    It’s 10:05 PM on 09/09 and I’m tracking everyone’s movement on SkyTag. At the moment it looks like you’re parked at a tourist center at the Great Wall. Must be an incredible sight to see! Good Luck with trip!

  3. Bill Powell says:

    Best of Luck Chuck & Lloyd.

    We are routing for you from Canada. Keep those updates coming

    …when you get the chance

  4. Great pictures of the Italia and the FN. Your pictures of the countryside will likely change all our preconceived impressions of China. And yours also, I imagine. Spilling octane is forgivable. Please be careful with the beer.

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