Day 2 Daihai to Erenhot

Well, here is a little bit of information you might wish to analyze, what do you think they were trying to convey with this message and would you then feel “at ease”? Just a little message we found in our room at Daihai which we found quite amusing.



Another beautiful day for a ride in the country – in this case China. Due to all the delays yesterday, there was no timing except for those who did not make it to the destination. Unfortunately, Tim Scott our motorcyclist, didn’t arrive until 7am due to tire problems which then caused further problems with his drive shaft. He will attempt to get repairs done and rejoin us in Erenhot – good luck Tim.

The route for today is longer but pretty straight and we got to see our first yurts – in this case deluxe yurts at our first functioning Time Control.

This Time Control was easily reached in plenty of time for everyone to be on time and get something to eat and was located at a public resort / conference center – the result was chaos but in a very fun way. The Chinese people are very friendly and they all wanted their pictures taken with the cars and us.



The tourist center was also an interesting place to visit – the lunch we could have done without.



As mentioned earlier, the road was long and straight which made driving a little tedious but i t was still a great ride.


Ever hear of the dinosaur arch (world famous) – me either but you get to see it without having to go the inner Mongolia area of China –

And why waste a good dinosaur photo opportunity …


Unfortunately, there were several accidents involving our cars around the big cities, Hohot and Erenhot. It is amazing to watch traffic as everyone just seems to move at once dodging each other and it works out, well most of the time. Perhaps we haven’t discovered the proper rhythm just yet. The good news is that all the accidents were minor and no injuries were reported, at least not to me.

One last note, Tim Scott has indeed made it to Erenhot although, I do not know the condition of his motorcycle.

The final result for the day was that we arrived early and have accumulated no penalty points that we know of. Tomorrow, we leave China and enter Mongolia where we will also begin time trials – should be interesting.





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6 Responses to Day 2 Daihai to Erenhot

  1. Laura Merriman says:

    Love the dinosaur shots! Congrats on completing day 2…

  2. Spencer Merz says:

    Be glad for the opportunity to be “at ease”. The alternative would in all likelihood be “footprints in the snow” which we have seen in travels in Italy and other parts of western Europe as well as me in Japan in the 1980’s when they were common. Today the Japanese have taught us here how to build a proper no-clog toilet.


  3. Are you guys certain you are not on the road to Edmonton? We all assume that things are going to get a tad rougher somewhere along the way, which must raise some concerns for poor Tim if he is having issues now.
    If the movie “Long Way Round” is at all accurate about your future destinations, I’d hang on to that picture of a toilet, you are going to want something nice to remember.


  4. gene dahmen says:

    All of us in Bangkok are wishing you well through Mongolia!

  5. Robert Wright says:

    Dear Charles, We are following your exciting route. Be safe.
    Your friends in KPT!

  6. Lisa Tucker says:

    The only thing missing at the end of Day 2 is the shot of Lloydums holding up his Tsingtao. What, no daily reward?!… The Tuckers are pulling for you guys (and also for Tim Scott, who looks to be a terrific fellow). Looks as though your natural forbearance and good humor will serve you and your compadres well. Break a leg (or do we say “Break an axle”?), kids. Be safe and sound. Sending mucho love… and, as I used to say to the boys before closing their doors at bedtime, more fun tomorrow…

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