Day 3 Erenhot to Sainshand

Just a short drive to get to the China / Mongolia border but imagine getting 100 cars from three hotels in numerical order – especially when they are all driven by type “A” personalities. It makes herding cats look simple. Of course, when we arrived at the China they were not exactly expecting us or they simply didn’t care. First everyone rushed inside, then we had to return to our cars and finally we made our own rules.



I case you ever wondered what 100 vintage rally cars looks like under the Rainbow Arch at the China border – I took this picture just for you.




















Now on to Mongolian Customs – I hope some reads Mongolian to determine what this says and if so please let me know. The confusion on this side of the border was just as great as the Chinese side – perhaps they compete for maximum delays – and this was a Sunday and we were hoping that, without truck traffic, things would progress more rapidly – just not to be so.


We are now out on the Gobi Desert – lots of land with not much around – except for this invasion of old cars.


Then what to our wondering eyes should appear but a herd of Yak or are those just camels with two humps.


And for those of you wondering what the roads (tracks) look like out here, this was one of the better ones. Lots of fun.


Isn’t this just an amazing site – a 1919 American LaFrance just sitting out in the desert. Fortunately, they were just fine and waiting for one of the time trial starts.



Now for a summary of the day, the car ran great, Lloyd’s driving was incredible in the time trials, unfortunately, we missed the finish for the second stage, and we arrived at camp early enough to get our tents set up before dark. Nomads is the expedition group supporting the rally and they are just great – food good and the beer, although late, tasted wonderful. Sleeping on the ground will be all right proving that when you are tired you can sleep anywhere, besides, we have an alarm clock ready to go off at any time as we are camped right by a railway.

More tomorrow.








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7 Responses to Day 3 Erenhot to Sainshand

  1. Lisa Tucker says:

    Alas, my Mongolian is a bit rusty… but what amazing pictures! Especially the Dr. Seuss yaks!! xo

  2. Tim Scanlon says:

    Hi Chuckie

    Sounds like you have this thing under control !!! We are all rooting for you. Can’t
    believe how many people saw the newspaper article.
    Keep it up.


  3. Sam says:

    Hey Lloyd, looks like a lot of fun and maybe some hard work. Enjoying the photos and dialog.

    Have Fun be Safe:)


  4. Bill DeSaulnier says:

    Good evening Chuck,
    It is facinating to follow your journey and continue to wish you and Lloyd all the best.
    All of Hidden Pond is now following your progress!!
    PS Wondering if Skip Allen is keeping up with you…?

  5. Laura Merriman says:

    Those potholes look almost as bad as the ones in Brookline! Nice navigating dad and Chuck!

    Be sure to try some yak cheese if they offer it to you. It’s very chewy so have a beer handy to wash it down.

  6. I kinda like the camels. Reminds me of the Marty Robbins Song: “I caught a good one, it looked like it could run,…” Nothing like a herd of camels standin’ by the side of the road to make a guy miss Massachusetts. And the roads look about the same too. Hell, you guys are all set!
    So fare everything looks and sounds pretty good. Be interested to learn what you are eating? Is it food supplied by the organizers or the local roadside cafes?


  7. Beth says:

    Hated to work for a few days and miss the blog!

    The photos are great and I, too, wonder about the food?!

    Thanks for sharing this adventure!

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