Day 5 Ulaan Baatar Day Off

Not a bad place to spend a day off, or for that matter, any other day. The hotel was built 16 years ago and is now owned and operated by Summit Hotels and Resorts of Chicago. Wonder what they know that we didn’t know? Lovely hotel with good food and cold beer – what else could you want?



We had cars parked in front of the hotel in all states – some needing major repairs and others just in need of a wash.


And more cars in front …


And even some friends … that’s Steven Harris of the US with his lovely yellow 356 Porsche – what in the world is he doing with this fabulous car on a trip like this – probably he’s doing quite well.


Then we move around to the back of the hotel. This is the only all girls team on the rally – Rachel Vestey and Suzy Harvey from Australia – careful not to hurt anyone with whatever you have in your hand Rachel.


And then the real serious work happening out back …


With the Aston Martin looking all ready to go – what is he doing here?


And then we have Lloyd looking quite happy now that
the car is washed and looking like a Cadillac again – at least it looks like a Cadillac to us who are old enough to remember 1949.



And then we have Chuck with Mr. Sam Dallam, the manager of the hotel – bet you were wondering how I knew so much about it and it’s operation. A very nice man who spent a number of years working for Howard Johnson’s in Braintree, Massachusetts when they were still making 28 flavors. The people here are extremely nice and very interested in the cars. There was a constant crowd all day and everyone seemed excited to witness the event. I had the pleasure of meeting the US Ambassador to Mongolia, Mr. Jonathan S. Addleton who came to visit.


For the day we managed to take a lot of pictures, get the oil changed and grease the chassis – the really good news is that was all that was required. . I hope our good fortune continues as we head out into the desert for the next 7 days with camping each night.








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6 Responses to Day 5 Ulaan Baatar Day Off

  1. Valerie Nelson says:

    Hi Lloyd (and Chuck-pleased-to-meet-you)

    Just caught up on your postings since the OFF – makes my recent two-day trip from Toronto to Vero Beach feel like a trip to the Star Market …

    GOOD GOING!!! You both look so happy and the car pristine – hope it continues!


  2. Larry Fredette says:

    Glad the day off was a good refresher for you both. Looks like a fabulous place to “rest up”. Good luck in the desert and hope you find an oasis or two!

  3. Barbara and Tony Foglia says:

    Great pictures, looks like you are having a great time. Best of luck on the next leg of your journey.
    Tony and Barbara

  4. TUFFY HAMBLET says:


  5. Valerie Nelson says:

    Hi Lloyd (and Chuck-nice-to-meet-you), Just checked on your progress since the OFF – makes my recent drive Toronto/Vero Beach feel like a trip to the Star Market …. GOOD going – you (and the car) look in great shape – hope it continues…..!

  6. Beth says:

    Can’t say as I remember ’49 or Cadillacs of that vintage… but I can say I am thoroughly enjoying this adventure through your eyes. Travel safe through the desert. Hope you will find cold beer at some point. We’ll raise one (or more) to you all while at NASCAR this weekend. Won’t be on-line for several days so I’ll be going through some serious withdrawal…

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