Day 7 Kharakorin to Tariat

We began our day near the city of Khrakorin which was the original capital of Mongolia – unfortunately, hardly a stone remains. Situated at the crossroads of trade routes, the city was surrounded by walls with 4 gates. Each has its own market selling grain in the east, goats in the west, oxen and wagons in the south and horses in the north.

Chuck and Gernald Nicius from Maine are about to visit the city before departing for a long day.



Erdene Zuu (hundred treasures) was the first Buddhist monastery in Mongolia. It took 300 years to complete it and contained between 60 and 100 temples. 300 gers were set up inside the walls with up to 1000 monks in residence.


Like many buildings in Mongolia the monastery was abandoned and then vandalized by invading Manchurians. In 1760 ans 1808 attempts were made at restoration, but the Stalinist purges in the 1930s meant that all but 3 of the temples were destroyed.


Gernald is caught trying to pick the lock into the temples – fortunately, he met with little success despite his Leatherman tool.



Some of the local color dressed as monks – the area is somewhat of a tourist attraction.



Back to the rally with the first water crossing – some were more successful than others.


But that was only the first of several – some deeper that others…



That is our friend Steven Harris in the lovely yellow Porsche which did quite well all day, David Roberts in a Sunbeam Alpine and then it was our turn to follow – good news, we all made it without getting stuck – once yesterday was enough for us.

These arches are everywhere as you enter towns of all sizes most of which are tiny groups of about a dozen buildings but it must be a status symbol to have an arch.



Those are Yak running across an open fields, the animals here just roam, horses, cows, sheep, goats, yaks and camels – sometimes right on the road.



We are camped tonight right near a very pretty lake – unfortunately not everyone will get to see it today. Cars are expected to arrive until late into the night – no penalties if they get here by 10 pm. Fortunately we were here, tents set up and had dinner before sunset. Lloyd is exhausted after a very difficult day of driving. This is not for the faint of heart or for cars not well prepared. Good news on that front also – the Cadillac continues to march on and amaze many of the organizers. Thanks again Charlie and Chuck (and Terry for lining them up to help us) for a great job – this thing is really amazing.



More adventures tomorrow.







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5 Responses to Day 7 Kharakorin to Tariat

  1. Sunna Fulgieri says:

    Chuck –
    Thank you so much for taking the time to journal. We love reading about your travels and the sights you are seeing. We are praying for safe travels for you and Lloyd and for the cadillac to keep on going!

  2. Larry Fredette says:


    These are something I look forward to each day Chuck. Thanks for taking the time away from popping the top on a cold one for Lloyd so we can imagine the world in the pictures and descriptions you share. Everyone’s “Bucket List” should include a read of this blog.

    Be safe!

  3. Chuck, your pictures convey a bleak and beautiful part of the world.
    The MMR Newsletter went out this evening and we had a section dedicated to your adventure. I was amazed at how many people jumped on it right away. Are you getting to interact with people other that those on the rally with you? I have made several comments to which you might have responded and that prompts this one. Are you able to read our comments? If I don’t hear back, I will assume that is a no and stop asking.

  4. Will and Peyton says:

    Way to go Big Oid and Chuck! So happy to hear that the Cadilackkkkk made it through all the river crossings.



  5. Rob De Vries says:

    Good going Lloyd,
    I just caught up to you and am impressed at Mr. Schwager’s photography and I assume commentary. I was reminded of some of the roads and crossing from my India days, though I think many more people even in my1950s along the road sides than I see in your log.

    Good going, and my hopes that you continue with a succesful trip. Lloyde, would you like me to share this with the BTC members?

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