Day 10 Teel River to Khovd

Times have been extended again with many cars on trucks, limping along and sent ahead to be repaired and rejoin us later. The scenery just goes on and on with one view better than the next. Please forgive some of the photography as it is not easy taking pictures from a car bouncing down a dirt and corrugated road.


I’ll leave these full sized for your enjoyment – there is not much to add to their beauty.

This is sort of like “the road ahead” – just miles and miles of it.

And then when you this you have seen everything, there stands a range of snowcapped mountains – this country has some of everything.

And shrines at the top of random hills.

This should give you some idea of the type of roads (?) we travel with dust flying everywhere and concentrating on the GPS to attempt to figure out which one to take.

And they never stop – 6 to 8 hours a day of dodging pot holes and ruts which attempting to find a smooth part to use – an exhausting and never ending effort and Lloyd has done a magnificent job holding the car together so far.

Then we came upon one of the flying Beatles driven by Garrick Staples who was running 3rd prior to breaking a CV joint and who knows what else. Sorry Garrick, we hope to see you in the morning as he had to wait for a truck to haul him about 110 kms. The little boy standing there is like all the children around the world.

This is the stuff that keeps us pointed in the right direction. From left to right, a Terratrip which measurers distances both cumulative and current section very accurately (and if it is wrong you can recalibrate), a Garmin GPS unit which has been loaded with over 900 waypoints, and your basic stop watch – never trust anyone else’s timing.

And then we got to our camp site for tonight and tomorrow night – a well deserved rest day in Khovd. Really doesn’t matter where we are, everyone is just dog tired from all the difficult terrain. But if you have to camp, it might as well be somewhere like this.


Same view in a different direction.

Now for some of the people who make all this happen – a very difficult and thankless job.

This is the one and only Phillip Young – much maligned but a very interesting person. I’m told this picture of Phillip sort of smiling could be worth big money as this is a rare occurrence. Phillip was telling me that he based the event on a book written many years ago about Prince Bourgese’s trip entitled “The Mad Motorists” – we should all go buy a copy.


Then we have Heidi Winterbourne who handles all the details – wouldn’t want her job either. Unfortunately, Heidi was a bit under the weather when this was take but I’m sure there will be other opportunities. While I’m sure most look at her as the tough teacher, she is a very nice lady.


Meet Chris Bruce, our GPS expert and excellent technologist – he uses the same equipment to update the Rally website as I’m using here.

And last but certainly not least is Kim Banister, a delightful gentleman and Clerk of the Course. Lucky Kim gets to listen to everyone’s complaints about what went wrong during the day. I’m looking forward to spending more time with Kim, there is much to be learned from this gentleman. Sorry about the picture – can’t even blame the car at speed.


So much for my night job – have to get some rest to fight off the cold that Lloyd was sharing.






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2 Responses to Day 10 Teel River to Khovd

  1. Emily Sabino says:

    I am glad to see that the Cadillac and its occupants are holding up despite the tricky road conditions. Driving around Brookline is going to be boring compared to this!

  2. Larry Fredette says:

    Awesome work guys! It sounds as if the Caddy is well prepared to take the journey. Take care of yourselves as well, your bodies need some TLC as well as the car. Vitamin C for the both of you.

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