Day 8 Tariat to Uliastay

This was the second extremely difficult day for everyone – rally organizers, competitors and equipment. Dozens of cars with varying degrees of damage and even one of the organization 4x4s had to be towed. Apparently the roads have recently suffered extensive damage and with such vast areas to cover, I doubt they ever actually repair them – over time, just make a new track which accounts for the crisscrossing patterns we see here. And yes, those are cars not ants in the pictures just to add scale.


We are now approaching the start control for one of the time trials.

While we are waiting, a local shepherd on horseback comes over to see what’s happening. These people are all very friendly and curious.

But this fellow seems to have decided to take over the starting process.

And one of the organization crew who was running the start has decided to take over for the shepherd.

Everyone is very relaxed (except the drivers), especially the dogs – good looking and no leashes.

Sometimes you just have to stop and wait for the locals (and sheep too).


And the scenery is just spectacular. Please note that there are trees in Mongolia – well in some places anyway. Wood is very scarce and most of the terrain is just rock and scrub brush – no surprise as it is the Gobi Desert.


What about a teepee on top of the hill – you see these all over and must have some significance – probably spiritual.

Finally, a recap of our day:

1 – It was very cold last night – glad to be going again in the morning.

2 – We got our GPS fixed – had an option that must have been causing false direction indications – this is hard enough without creating problems.

3 – We ran out of gas – fortunately, the photographers came along shortly and had spare fuel.

4 – We added a small amount of transmission fluid.

5 – There is dust and dirt everywhere – perhaps never to be completely clean again.

6 – There have been a large number of breakdown due to the very rough roads – mechanics have been up all night for a number of consecutive days, they must be exhausted.

7 – Lloyd has done an excellent job driving





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2 Responses to Day 8 Tariat to Uliastay

  1. Lyn says:

    Glad that you are back on line – everyone was concerned and so involved with your blogs!! Stay safe!! Love, Lyn

  2. carol Pfaelzer says:

    Thinking of you. Better you than me with the dust and dirt BUT I would love to return to Mongolia.Good luck Carol Post-Pfaelzer

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