Day 9 Uliastay to Teel River

The carnage has been tremendous. As a consequence, all timing for the day has been canceled with the hope that a slow day will reduce the damage and allow the mechanics to catch up. Since there is nothing out here but the scenery, we’ll concentrate on it but there are no photos that could do justice to this pristine beautiful land that just goes on and on.


Despite the fact that there is no timing, the roads are so bad there were still a number of breakdowns. The trucks and winds create a washboard effect in the sand / gravel that is almost impossible to drive on – constant jarring which while uncomfortable for us is very hard on the car. We had a good day driving, only got stuck in the sand once but other participants helped push us out.

Despite the fact that we always start late – Classics go last because they are assumed to be the fastest – when we got to camp, there were surprisingly few cars there already. Tonight we camp by the Teel River – another night of fun in a tent.


Now here is Phillip Young (in the pink shirt) reminding someone that we only get 50 liters of fuel here in camp – the driver thought he should be allowed to fill up despite the rules – now a nice confrontation. I would not want Phillip’s job for any amount of money – he is actually a very smart and nice man if you take the time to get to know him – hope it continues to be the case.


All for today – tomorrow is short but I’m sure will continue to be difficult. The car is tiring a little from all the abuse but continues to motor on.







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2 Responses to Day 9 Uliastay to Teel River

  1. Maria Dahmen says:

    Hello Lloyd!
    Hope you, your friend and your car will make it! Looks a bit tough right now…
    Nice autumn day in Lund, southern Sweden.
    Take care
    Best wishes
    Maria och familj

  2. Lake Winnipesaukee Golf Shop says:

    Hi Chuck…
    Hope this finds and your partner well and that you are making progress on your trip. We just wanted you to know we are thinking of you and keeping tabs here! All the best to you.

    An unusually rainy day at Lake Winnipesaukee…..

    The Golf Shop

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