Day 12 Khovd to Border

Just one more day of running until we complete our trek across Mongolia. It has been an unending adventure of one vista being better than the last and the scale of the landscape is impossible to describe. When combined with the lack of people, it’s like being on another planet.

We have indeed been fortunate with the weather as each day has been sunny and warm but when the sun goes down, it gets cold quickly. Warm sleeping bags are a must and we now wake up each morning with frost on our tents.

Some interesting monuments at our starting point for the day …


And now for the cars waiting for their appointed start time …


This was another day like the rest – race off to one time trial after another through terrain that is more fitting for horses and goats (although there are plenty of sheep mixed with the goats). I think we have seen about 30 kms. of paved road since we left Olaan Baatar and to even call these tracks roads is being very generous.

We got lost on one of the time trials – the GPS is useful but when you’ve gotten into the wrong valley and the waypoint is on the other side of a group of hills you can’t cross it is less than helpful. At least it lets you know where you should be.

Based on the lack of much to report, I’ll just share some more photos of the landscape …


I think I can safely report that everyone is looking forward to this being the last day of camping for a while. This is a pretty scraggly looking bunch but what else is to expected.












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4 Responses to Day 12 Khovd to Border

  1. Spencer Merz says:

    I sense a bit of the-fun-is-difficult-to-find-sometimes and no wonder. Broken axles, cracked frames, various structural problems seem to beset the group. Certainly a review of past rallies must give clues for future contestants. Choice of vehicle, prep, etc. As I await your latest writeup I hope that your Detroit iron hols together.

    Press on regardless.


  2. Beth says:


    I’ve been in withdrawal as we were away at the NASCAR races and I don’t travel with anything electronic. I can well relate to your comment on the scraggly gang. Though we camp in our “house on wheels” we generally don’t afford ourselves the luxury of many showers other than of the GI variety. Your photos of the scenery are great. Glad to see though you both have had your share of trials with breakdowns and the grueling nature of the drive itself, you seem to maintain a certain spirit. Well chosen was your “Press on, regardless” by-line…

  3. Larry Fredette says:

    Sometimes simple is the most beautiful. These photos indeed lay the foundation of a wonderful land yet unspoiled by modern society. As you continue on your trek, be assured that we all appreciate our cozy and warm beds, our repair shops on each corner and the cafe down the street. Our modern conveniences in our land make it difficult to fully understand the human test of your journey. Keep up the positive attitude and always “Press on” my friend.

  4. Sandi Hall says:

    Just found the site and your blog site. Wonderful photos and waht an amazing journey you are having. Will follow along now. We are in S. of France on holiday nr. Beziers – scenery here a bit different from Mongolia!
    Keep well and the car out of trouble.

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