Day 13 Border to Belokurikha

This day begins at the Mongolian / Russian border and then it continues at the border and goes on and on at the border. We departed just after 8 am for a short drive to the Mongolian exit control. Unfortunately, being car # 86 there were about 80 cars in front of us. By 12:30 we had cleared Mongolia for another short drive to the Russian Customs. Unfortunately again, the same 80 cars were still in front of us and the control workers were at lunch. To make a long story short, we finally cleared the Russian border by 4 pm to begin a 700 km. (about 440 mile) drive. Oh well.

These are a couple of shorts from the Mongolian control …


And then some from the Russian side …


Note the similarity, guess the Russian built both facilities during their occupation of Mongolia.

Once we got started, the scenery changed almost immediately. The mountains and roads reminded me of the Blue Ridge Parkway along the Virginia, West Virginia border – just spectacular. Note that they have real trees here – the first we’ve seen in days.


Along the way we began to see Peking to Paris Rally Cars all clean and shiny and wondered where everyone had found the car wash. Then we noticed the numbers on their doors were all in the “200” range (we only had 100 cars when we started). When we finally passed one close enough we also noticed a little sign on their cars – “Support Group”. Turns out this was the Russian Automobile Federation out to assist any of our cars which might require help. What a wonderful thing for them to do!!!

Alas, the sun set a long time before we were near our destination and I’m sure we missed some fabulous scenery in the dark.

The final surprise of the day awaited us in Belokurikha which is a health resort located at an altitude of 250 meters above sea level. We arrived about 12:15 am to lights and a crowd. Apparently, our presence was well advertised and well received here in this corner of Russia.

When we finally came to a stop in the parking lot, I barely managed to get the door open (it had been a long day). The first person to greet me was a lovely young Russian lady who spoke excellent English and wanted to know which of us was Lloyd and which was Chuck. Turns out, she had been following this blog for our whole trip – amazing. Unfortunately, being in a total fog, I never did get her name so if you are still following along my dear, thank you for such a warm and personal welcome – the world has indeed become a much smaller place because of the web.

Cars arrived all night and we felt badly for those who came after us but we have to “Press On Regardless” and tomorrow is another long day with more border crossings.










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One Response to Day 13 Border to Belokurikha

  1. Helena says:

    Hi, guys!
    I’m that lovely young Russian lady. I’m Helena. Nice to meet you in a real world! Hope we will get in touch.
    Good luck in your trip!

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