Day 14 Belokurikha to Semey

The day began with crowds awaiting us outside the hotel – quite festive and everyone was very enthusiastic about seeing the cars. We of course were still half asleep.


This is our friend Roger James who I had met on the flight over signing autographs for the kids – it was a real special morning.

The country side here were very large farms like you might see in the Midwest – probably coops. The land is flat, apparently very fertile and well utilized with modern machinery and methods.


All along the way there were crowds of people, some large and some small waiting for us with cameras out and all waiving. That was an entire class or maybe school of children on the right.










Today was a great drive but we still had a border to cross – Russia Into Kazakhstan. Fortunately, things went better but were still very time consuming. The good news is that we made it before dark and had a relatively short trip to get to Semey.

Ah, but our fun for the day wasn’t quite over. On our way to the hotel in Semey, we were pulled over by the police. A little scary but we quickly learned that they only wanted to have their pictures taken with the car – wonder how many they had stopped before us. Very nice men and we convinced them to let us take their picture also.

Getting very exhausted trying to keep this up along with staying with the rally so enough for today.


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  1. shef says:

    Peking to Paris 2010, Belokurikha: )))

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