Day 15 Semey to Usharal

Today began with no hot water for a shower (cold is so invigorating anyway) and a short drive to the rally headquarters hotel (we were staying elsewhere) for the start. Lloyd is entertaining some of the interested bystanders, they are mostly young adults, while waiting for our departure time.

Well, the Itala (1907) has made it this far and actually looks none the worse for wear – what a great old automobile.


The land here is flat and featureless – far different than anything we have seen to date. You can see what I mean if you look past the cemetery (I don’t usually take pictures of cemeteries) at the landscape in the distance. And the land was like this the entire day – very barren. The cemetery has a very distinctive Moorish architecture.

This was probably the only relief to the land all day and because of its brief appearance, I had forgotten I had the picture. I guess it wasn’t 100 % flat after all.

Some of the old Russian style housing – this one was unoccupied and boarded up but we couldn’t locate its replacement.

And then just what we all couldn’t wait for – camping again. Fortunately, our day went well and we arrived early as you might have guessed based on the relatively few cars present. Seems that many of the Organizers are “camping” elsewhere. Dinner was a stand up affair in a tent – first class. The local agents who are helping us are very good and have done a great job.


Based on the lack of exciting stuff to report other than a lot of cars are missing (possibly sent on to Almaty for repairs) and the fact that I’m bushed after a number of long days, I’ll wrap this up for now.

Our car continues to perform flawlessly but I don’t want to brag or bring on trouble. We are looking forward to a hotel in Almaty, some rest and a chance to do a little maintenance of our # 86 Cadillac.

Oh, and God bless the BGAN which has made these updates possible.


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7 Responses to Day 15 Semey to Usharal

  1. Lisa Tucker says:

    Chuck — I don’t know you, but I have grown to love you through these postings! Your pictures and updates are priceless (whether Lloyd is appropriately clothed or not) — and I completely enjoy your descriptions of the lovely folks you meet along the way. I think you all should undertake an east/west brotherhood/sisterhood tour after all is said and done. You’d probably achieve more than our diplomats!… I made a posting after your Day 2 blurb, but I believe it is caught in the ether, “awaiting moderation” (which sounds exciting though I’m not sure what it means). Anyway, in it I applaud your friend Tim Scott. Has he made it through? I can’t imagine how, but I’m crossing my fingers! Again, thanks for not abandoning these postings. Press on! xo to your compadre too. Lisa

  2. Spencer Merz says:

    We are on a 12 day tour in Oregon, and I found a living, breathing internet site. Glad to see that you are bearing up…..


  3. JOHN BRIDGES says:

    We’re thoroughly enjoying the pictures and your narrative. What an experience and thanks for sharing it. We hope you’re having some fun during this adventure. Keep safe. John and Barbara

  4. Elaine Schwager says:


    You are doing great! Everyone is looking forward to the updates, so keep up the good work. There will be plenty of time for sleep when you get home! I love you very much!


  5. Mike Axford says:

    Chuck & Lloyd, Enjoying the posts & the remote sharing of this fantastic experience that you folks are having. We have friends & family over from England for our daughters wedding – we are all following your adventure with great interest. Were the hats on the 2 police officers that pulled you over really that large? Keep it up – we’re with you all the way. Regards, Mike & Patty Axford – Jaguar Association of New England.

  6. John Henn says:

    Following you daily — now from Phnom Penh. Almaty (once Alma Ata) will surprise you, incl prices. John

  7. Hi Chuck:

    I’ve been following your “Peking to Paris” road rally Odyessey. Great photos and dialigue! What a wonderful adventure.You should make your blog into a book when over.

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