Day 19 Almaty to Shymkent

On the road again and with a long way to go we pass horses on the loose very carefully – we do not want any more animal incidents. All the animals here roam freely and unfortunately, incidents with automobile are all too commonplace. Fortunately, we all went on our way without problems.

This is a Lancia Arelia which was shipped in by Dany Rollinger to replace his 1952 Alpha Romeo Mata AR51 which had retired. This car appears to have competed in the 2007 Peking to Paris but that has not been confirmed – perhaps it was Dany who participated in 2007.







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5 Responses to Day 19 Almaty to Shymkent

  1. Elaine Schwager says:


    Usually I like photos over words, but I missed your narration today! We all enjoy your words and humor – even Mom!!! Sounds like you are well rested and ready for more adventure. Be safe!

    I love you,

  2. Chuck, what was the interesting looking sedan ahead of you? Number 34? The apare appears to be a wire wheel. Is that brave on such a trip?

    • cschwager says:

      Peter, A number of cars run wire wheels – has to do with FIVA compliance. That car is a 1936 MG SA. Not much time between borders, distances and the blog. Getting closer to Paris. Chuck


  3. Terry says:


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