Day 19 Almaty to Shymkent

Had to repost this one – Windows somehow got me when I wasn’t looking – lost all my changes.

On the road again and with a long way to go we pass horses on the loose very carefully – we do not want any more animal incidents. All the animals here roam freely and unfortunately, incidents with automobile are all too commonplace. Fortunately, we all went on our way without problems.


This is a Lancia Arelia which just appeared yesterday and has badging which indicates it might have competed in the 2007 Peking to Paris – it is certainly a beauty – we’ll try to find out more about this car as we go on.


And then there are still arches as we enter some of the towns – they appear to be randomly placed and don’t discriminate between lrge and small villages. Maybe it depends on who you know.

Now we are back with the flat plains going on forever on our right as we head south …


And mountains of our left – this gets boring after a while … It’s interesting to note there is a constant haze which hangs over the entire area which must be smog, probably from all the trucks which spew exhaust constantly, as the days have all been bright and sunny – what a shame.


But the people all still turn out and wave – obviously they were expecting us. Certainly, they have never seen anything like this parade of old cars before (and perhaps never again).


And every once in a while there are some trees – very scarce in this part of the world …

And then we came to the section in the route book which read “BIG HOLES IN ROAD – 17 KMS” and was no exaggeration – these things were 2 to 3 feet deep. Fortunately, we had the # 34 1936 MG SA belonging to Rhys Timms and John Hastie both from Australia to break the way for us – it made things a bit easier but no less deep. This was a great spot to break an axel or a spring. Thanks to Lloyd’s excellent driving we made it through without incident – just a lot of bumps.


The mysterious Arelia at a Passage Control …

Going through the small villages they all have little stands offering drinks of all colors, fruits and vegetables. There must be enough business as they look like they have been there for a long while. Unfortunately, we’ve never had time to stop.


And then there are more modern facilities way out on the open road by themselves. Most are not as nice as this one.


Now here is a case of wasted advertising money … The message apparently related to what was at the top of the hill which was far enough away I could never see it clearly. Perhaps someone out there could translate the message.

Then we had an abrupt and welcome change in the road …


And the mountains drew closer – as always on our left. They are spectacular with nothing around – lots of empty land here.


And some of our fellow competitors on the road – that is Davis and Joanna Roberts from the UK in a 1954 Sunbeam Alpine on the left who are a few minutes ahead of us in the scoring and Dany and Joel Rollinger from Luxembourg in a 1952 Alpha Romeo Mata AR51 on the right which only has a top speed of about 70 kms. going downhill.


Stopping for fuel always creates a scene – Lloyd is in the crown somewhere pumping gas.


And this is one of the many police checkpoints – I’ve never seen anything happening here but that is probably just as well.


All for now, got to prepare (?) for another border crossing tomorrow – just can’t wait.

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One Response to Day 19 Almaty to Shymkent

  1. Tim D'Arcy says:

    Thanks Chuck, I live to read your posts. The road through the hills on this day look like great motorcycle road. Keep it up. Can’t wait to hear some of the stories.

    FYI the British Invasion in Stowe was well attended. There were some great Healy’s and several great 3 wheel Morgans.

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