Day 24 Turkmenabat to Ashgabad

This was a truly unmemorable day. Turkmenistan’s climate is listed as “Desert” and this is no exaggeration. The Karakum desert covers almost 80% of the country and there is a limit to the number of pictures one can take of desert. These will be the last (but there is some color in the rightmost one).


As you can see, not everyone drove … Hopefully this will not be a problem crossing into Iran – I’m sure arrangements will be made.

The city of Mary has its own airport – very modern from a distance.

And the Mary Province Gate which is the entrance to the city.

The multi-family housing in Mary was block after block of these buildings – check out all the satellite TV dishes – they must watch a lot of television here (probably not much else to do).



Even the houses in the tiny villages had satellite dishes and everything is built of yellow brick.

They even have their own Levittown here – again everything of yellow brick and the accompanying satellite dish.

Here like everywhere else in the region we have the fruit and mellon stands along the road, however, they not as plentiful here.

Finally coming into Ashqabat (the city of love). We were promised gleaming gold domes and manicured parklands but perhaps our route to the hotel did not include this section of the city. The city was originally developed in the late 19th century and became a prosperous frontier town on the Trans-Caspian Railway. On October 6, 1948 the city vanished in less than one minute, leveled by an earthquake that measured 9 on the Richter Scale.

This lovely theater building was right next to our hotel (which we had to make two passes at to finally arrive – little problem of missing the access road).

Perhaps we’ll some more of Ashgabad on our way out of the city on the way to yet another border crossing. We have already been warned that it might be tedious and take some time which would not be too bad if you didn’t have to drive another 530 kms. after clearing into Iran. Guess we will just have to see how it goes …

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2 Responses to Day 24 Turkmenabat to Ashgabad

  1. Terry says:

    nOW THE rACE begins – Think about looseing weight (no you the car) throw out anything you can stand to do without. Fifth looks possible as is only a few min. ahead. Go get them cowboys.

  2. Mort Mather says:

    I’ve been following your journey from the beginning. Great trip, great pictures, great commentary. Wish I was there.
    Mort Mather

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