Day 30 Kozakli to Abant Lake

I heard from someone that some of the pictures for this day were missing so I am reposting …

Our day began with a routing change which eliminated one of the five scheduled Time Trials and a Time Control – perhaps someone was paying attention to the long hours.

Before continuing, I thought I would provide a picture of the hotel I was so fond of for those of you who might want to travel here – they certainly like gold. And of course this being Turkey, that is the Anadol parked right at the front door.


Now here is a print job for you – this is car # 84 which is a 1942 Pontiac Convertible driven by Paul Bessade and Michel Magnin of France – who says people on this rally don’t have a sense of humor.

Now on to the day’s events. This is the usual view we have of Steven Harris and Hayden Burvill in Steven’s 1964 Porsche 356C (I doubt it is still a “C” spec’ed 356).


After the rerouting, out first stop was a time control. We were amazed how few cars were there. Apparently a number of people have chosen to do their own route and meet back up in Istanbul and a number of those still following the route have stopped rallying and are progressing at their own speed – leaving early and not stopping for check points. Here are some of the hard core competitors at the Time Control – you can see the weather has turned cold by the changing of clothes …


And of course one of my real favorites, the”wingless” Lagonda …


Of course they also have fruit and vegetable stands here in Turkey …


Approaching Ankara, the capital of Turkey and its outskirts (this is a large sprawling city) …

And then driving the ring road …


Finally, a picture of our trusty Cadillac getting fuelled before the first Time Trial of the day. The Trials will all be on gravel – apparently a favorite of the organizers …

Now a couple of shots from the Time Trial routes … Yes you are looking down a very steep drop with no guard rail at the edge …

And that is snow – we had some of that also on the Trials but we preferred that to mud – it was cleaner …

Looking down again, that is part of the road down in the valley.

Lloyd did a sensational job driving and we had no near mishaps. The car ran great – God bless old Cadillacs. I can’t wait to see how our times stack up with the other (few) competitors still rallying.

Passing through one of the villages on our way between trials we got in our burro fix …


And we can’t forget the people waving – out on the roadways and in the tinniest of villages … This is the real high point of the trip.


A very successful day – safe Time Trials, and on time arrival and finally a cold beer with some friends. You might remember Matt Bryson (left) from Australia whose Mom follows this blog (Matt says Hi Mom) and Harry Hickling also from Australia who drives a 1937 MG SA.

And then we have the leader of the rally – Gerry Crown who began rallying back in the early 60’s. Gerry has been very successful at this game but is too modest to talk about specifics. Gerry is 78 years young and along with being a great driver, he is a very nice gentleman. Here Gerry is lucky enough to be sitting with Catherine Hickling, Harry’s wife.

Tomorrow is a “rest day” – we only have to drive 352 kms. and pass through Istambul, one of the bussiest cities in the world for traffic. Can’t wait.

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5 Responses to Day 30 Kozakli to Abant Lake

  1. John Bryson says:

    From what I have heard from Matt about the roads today – and looking at your time – you have been driving superbly. Good luck for the rest of the run You also get top marks for the best website of the event because it gives a feel for the variety of lands and peoples you have travelled by. Well done.

  2. carol Pfaelzer says:

    I have enjoyed all your comments.I have to laugh at your sleeping arrangements! I hope that you did not fall through the crack!!! I understand your happiness in seeing the locals cheering you on-similar to our experience in Mongolia – there to see a total solar eclipse about ten years ago. xoxox Carol and Arthur Pfaelzer

  3. Adam cain says:

    Chuck, It has been really cool following you on your rally adventure. Keep up th good work.

  4. Dave says:

    Have read every entry. Great job both in the Rally and with the Blog. You and I will have hours of conversation material to keep us occupied.
    Warmest Regards.

  5. Patricia A Martel says:

    Hi Chuck,
    Really enjoying your blog. It’s nice to be able to see and hear about what everyone is doing. The pictures are amazing, love to see the smiling faces on the kids. Please tell Gernold I said hello.


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