Day 33 Thessaloniki to Igoumenitsa

Today was all rain and fog. Despite the weather, the countryside is just beautiful. While this area is quite flat, the Time Trials were conducted in the mountains with spectacular views.

There was not much happening in this village this morning …

Quiet here too but all the villages were picturesque …

Unfortunately, due to the fog which was quite dense, you could only get an occasional glimpse of what was there and pictures were virtually impossible – sorry. This was the best I could do.

Lloyd once again did very well in the Time Trials finishing all three well ahead of the Target Time. The competition ended at lunch time as we had the drive to the ferry in the afternoon. We actually stopped to have lunch – a first on this trip – at a lovely restaurant in Meteora. The rock formations are incredible …

This area is famous for its mountain top monasteries. The Meteora monasteries are the second largest and important complexes of Eastern Orthodox monasteries located in the Kalambaka municipality in central Greece.

It consists of six monasteries that are built on natural sandstone rock pillars and are included in the UNESCO World Heritage list.

And this is what is on top of the pillar …

The fog definitely added to the effect by certainly reduced visibility …

It is believed these rock pillars were formed about 60 million years ago during a series of earth movements and continuous weathering by extreme temperatures, wind and water.

Most of the monasteries are perched on high cliffs and accessed by staircases cut into the rock formations.


One last shot of this fascinating area …

Just before reaching the ferry, we passed the Itala – good to see them running along so well. Karen was wearing a crash helmet with a full face shield – it probably had to do with the rain and fog and not her safety – a very brave lady.

The drive to the ferry was on a major motorway which produced no memories or pictures but did get us where we were going. The ferry docked late so we will be delayed en route which will also cause rescheduling in the morning – but we are getting used to such things. This is a very big vessel and it will be good to get closer to Paris without having to drive. Perhaps we could convince the captain to take us directly to Paris – wishful thinking …

And lo and behold, Tim Scott – tired but still motoring.

Italy tomorrow where the time is GMT + 2 hours – we will be 6 hours ahead of Eastern time.

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One Response to Day 33 Thessaloniki to Igoumenitsa

  1. Spencer Merz says:

    Good cheese in Viareggio. Vino russo as well.

    Just negotiate the Alps and next stop Paris!


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