Rio de Janeiro

The overnight flight from New York to Rio was a little bumpy but other wise quite uneventful. I had a nice surprise awaiting my arrival as David Wenman, the rally organizer came to the airport to meet and retrieve me. Lloyd and his wife Gene as well as several friends were already in Rio. Checkin at the Sheraton was quick, the hotel quite nice and right on the beach. It was interesting to watch all the kids jumping into the water from that big rock – hope the water is deep enough!

Before we go too far, I’m sure some of you would like to know what has happened to our car. Well, we are wondering too. As best we can tell, we are still waiting for customs to process he paperwork – then the containers must be taken by truck to an unloading yard where they will be opened and the cars unloaded. Finally, they must be driven to the hotel and final preparations made for the rally. Sounds simple enough, however, it is now 2pm local time the day before the rally is begin and the word is: MAYBE the customs paperwork will be completed by 3pm and MAYBE the trucker can get to the port to pick up the containers by 6pm and MAYBE the cars will arrive here this evening. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Now on to the cars that are here …. You can find a list of the competitors and their cars on the rally web site You may some familiar vehicles from the Peking to Paris Rally 2010 beginning with David and karen Ayre’s Itala (No. 1)

Of course, the last picture is of our 1949 Cadillac – fully loaded and ready to go ???

No rally is complete without a selection of Organization Vehicles – looks like we are well prepared in that category.

Stay tuned, more to come …

And of course you always have to have an organization meeting – Simon Hope (managing director) introduces the support team … with Steven Harris looking very attentive on the right.

And a couple more cars have now appeared although we are still missing four of the US cars …

On to dinner and then the midnight watch settled in when at 1am – what to my wondering eyes did appear

No excuses now – we are off in the morning. It was close but we seem to be good to go – very exciting!!! Thanks for all your kind thoughts helping getting the car here.

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2 Responses to Rio de Janeiro

  1. Tim Scanlon says:

    Hi Chuckie… Onward and upward!! Hopefully all bad mojo is behind you !! We will be following
    your progress. Good luck. Uncle Tim

  2. Dave Olimpi says:

    And away we go!

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