Day 2 – Maresias to Curitiba

Let me begin by acknowledging that I must have been more tired than I thought, drunk or crazy when I wrote and published yesterday’s blog. OMG – what a mess. Clearly I didn’t read what I had written when I pushed the button but I have now, embarrassed myself and made the appropriate corrections (I didn’t republish for fear of making things worse).

Well, enough of that, on to today’s adventures, or should I say lack of same. Lots of highway driving on improved dual carriage roads (the Brits like to call them that and it’s how they are referred to in the road books) just to get us out of Rio and into the country. The first part of the day had us passing shops and buildings just off the road many quite brightly painted.


The countryside is quite beautiful, very lush and green with steep mountains (well, maybe they are more like hills as I’m sure we will learn when we get to the Andes).

What a way to spoil your day – this traffic jam was at least 10 miles long (yes, I know we are working in kilometers but I thought it would be more meaningful for this audience in miles) – no doubt the result of a serious accident in a very inappropriate spot. The good news is that we were going in the opposite direction.


At last, we made it into Curitiba which is a large modern city with lots of traffic. I must say that the Garmin GPS we are using along with the positioning of the waypoints makes navigation quite simple, even in the city – thanks John Brigdon for such a great job!


For those of you who want to follow us on an online basis, I am told you can go to, select The Great South American Rally and click on the Results tab. This is where it might get a little confusing as all the cars are plotted on the same map, however, it you go to the left side of the map and click on the Teams bar, you can select any of the competitors and find their individual location.

Tomorrow is a very early start and promises to be a more exciting although a long day so enough for now – I have to read this before I put it up – can’t stand any more embarrassment.





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5 Responses to Day 2 – Maresias to Curitiba

  1. Lisa says:

    Chuck — I don’t know what you’re talking about when you say yesterday’s entry was a bit off. I find every single one to be a joy. We’re all traveling right along with you. Thanks for the ride!

  2. Forgive yourself. We are all thrilled to be sharing the adventure with you. Though the images of the hills and the traffic are vaguely reminiscent of the Pike around Lee on a Sunday afternoon. The opening pictures on the HH Classic Rallies site are considerably more dramatic. We have much to look forward to. Thanks.

  3. Terry says:

    Nothing like a 10-mile traffic jam on the other carriageway to bring a ‘thank goodness we’re going this way’ smile.

    atb Terry

  4. Tom Fergus says:

    Chuck, these posts are great, thanks for sharing so much.

    Tom Fergus

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