Day 3 – Curitiba to Foz de Iguacu

We have a very long day ahead as we have to travel 710 km (443 miles) which was originally scheduled for 8 ½ hours but now, because of FIVA rules (the sanctioning body for the event) we have 14 hours and 12 minutes to complete the distance. Oh yes, we also have a “Test” today of about 20 km which, unlike the Regularity Test we had on Day 1, this is a pure speed event over what will no doubt be a poor gravel road. Such is the life on one of these “fun” rallies.

Before we go further, the distances are all measured in kilometers (km) and I’ll not have the time or the patience to translate them into miles so here is the simple formula for you to do the conversion yourself should you feel the need: kilometers x .625 = miles. Get your calculators out and have fun.

With that much distance to cover, it is no surprise that much of it will be on limited access (and boring) highways. The good news is that the surrounding countryside is quite pretty but how many rolling hills and tarmac roads does one need to see.


Just to prove there actually is life out here in the country I did get this quick picture – pretty and neat but no chance of overcrowding or population explosion.


Then just prove me totally wrong about lack of human life we came into a lovely town shortly before getting to today’s Test. Needless to say, the looks of wonderment on the faces of many of the people as we passed was quite understandable – clearly no one had told them to expect these old, funny looking, noisy automobiles.


From time to time we did encounter some minor obstacles on the road. This John Deer had to put its right wheels well off the road to allow us enough room to pass. This occurred just before the Test and we had visions of coming onto one of these monsters head-on right in the middle of the Test or getting stuck behind one and unable to pass. This is beautiful farm country where these combines are a major part of life and there were three or four of them in a convoy going to their next job.


We arrived at the start of the Test only to find Steven Harris (on the left) who is driving the yellow Porsche number 5 whose car was “misplaced” along with ours already there “smoozing” the course marshals – Roger Hunt in the middle and Tony Brooks on the right. I have no idea why he would bother as his car is very fast and he and Hayden Burvill, his navigator, make a great team.


Since we had arrived about 2 hours early for our scheduled start time, we asked the marshals if we might drive down the Test road and much to our amazement, they said “sure”. Since we were not trying to make time, I had the opportunity to get some pictures of the road we would shortly drive at serious speed. The surface was corrugated much like the roads in Mongolia and for the same reason, very heavy vehicles traveling at slow speeds under load. Oh yes, the fact that there were puddles indicated holes in the road of unknown depth. Fortunately, we got to experiment a little before having to come crashing through them at high speed.

Now just as a side note, please do not expect pictures of the Test roads on a regular basis – we will not always be this lucky or have this much time on our hands. Looks like fun doesn’t it? Them just try it at 60 – 80 km/hr.


Wouldn’t you know it – just as we were getting back to the start it started to rain, not just rain but “pouring down rain”. There was a very high clay content in the road surface and the rain just added to the feeling of being on a skating rink. And of course, the puddles became much deeper in a matter of a few minutes.

The good news is that Lloyd did an outstanding job of not only completing the Test without incident but did so in a very fast time. The car, however, did pay a price – fortunately it was all cosmetic and we may or may not wash it off.



The remaining 350km after the test was back to highways and for the most part countryside. This is a very beautiful part of Brazil – I know nothing about the rest of the country but this is very nice with views like this all along the way.


In summary, we had a long but fun day. Lloyd was understandably dragging by the end of the day and we finished having only gotten off the route once and then for only 5 minutes. We are staying at the Iguassu Resort which is just beautiful and have a rest day tomorrow. More to come …


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5 Responses to Day 3 – Curitiba to Foz de Iguacu

  1. tim smith says:

    Great write up and pictures as always! Went to the website and saw your track. it did seem to infer that you had driven straight across a golf course and were now parked in a forest near the hotel complex – I guess mr dahmen was tired as you say! best of luck in the next stage and have a good day off! Keep the pictures coming! Regards Tim

  2. Mike Tucker says:

    That explains why the GPS tracking showed you going along a stretch of road, turning around and going back, and then going back down the same road! I feared you guys might have missed a checkpoint or something!

  3. John Layzell says:

    Enjoy your posts and those from the team in the Itala, but there is little or nothing I can find from the organizers. Three Yellowbricks haven’t moved in a few days – 59 Sunbeam Alpine, 68 Jag S Type, and the 32 Plymouth. Overall rally reports would be good! Please pass comments onto the organizers. Anxious for more details. Keep Calm and Rally On!

  4. Deanna says:

    I love the pictures and I think you should continue to do the calculations for us…some of us are back home working so in between your navigations, do some calculations 🙂

  5. Valerie Nelson says:

    Looking forward to joining you on another exciting journey-by-proxy ……

    Fingers crossed all goes well and a grubby car is the worst of it!

    Love W

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