Day 4 – Foz de Iguassu to Dourados


As predicted, morning or should I say the middle of the night, came early!

Before I begin, I want to pass on special congratulations to a couple of our followers for their exceptional observation skills. First one goes to Mike Tucker who spotted our reconnaissance trip down and back on the Test on Day 3 by using the Yellow Brick tracking found on the rally web site. Next we have Dave Olimpi who (sadly) spotted the missing moon cap right after that same Test. Good job you guys!

I would also like to clear up any confusion surrounding the terms “Day” and “Stage”. The organizers tend to use these terms interchangeably everywhere except on the itinerary on their web site. I am using “Day” to mean “Stage” as that is how our roadbooks are organized – Rest Days are not counted. I hope that is helpful.

You might wonder why I got into all that before beginning – the answer is quite simple. With no timing, an early departure and arrival and a very straight and boring route today, there is, fortunately, not a lot to report.

As you might imagine, getting up in the middle of the night does give one the opportunity to see the sunrise along the way.
We were almost 100 km (remember you have to convert to miles) when the sun made its appearance. Not the most beautiful of sunrises but it sure made it easier to see where we were going.


By boring I certainly didn’t mean to imply that the countryside is not beautiful. It is very reminiscent of the Midwestern plains and appears to go uninterrupted all the way to the horizon. This is all farm land which is perfectly maintained and must be very productive.


Shortly after commenting that we had seen very few animals in the fields we came to an area where the primary product was beef. I guess it wasn’t all that boring after all. Yes, that is cattle out there, the picture might have been better but at the speeds we were traveling it was the best I could do.


As we entered on of the small towns along the way we passed under this sign (who knows what it said) which very much reminded us of entering the towns in Asia on our Peking to Paris Rally. It was a very funny feeling to say the least.


And now for any Jimmy Buffet fans, we have parrots – no idea of the significance of this piece of art work but it made for a great picture of something other than farm land.


Just when you think you might be getting back to civilization, we were back in farm country complete with the combine on its way to its next job.


And of course no day is complete without seeing Steven Harris and Hayden Burvill blasting past. It seems that Steven likes to be the first to arrive, maybe he read the story about the early bird getting the worm. In any event, he always manages to get a great parking place at the next stop. We always know we are on the right track when following these guys, the problem is keep up!


While we finished early and gained an hour (we are now only 1 hour behind EST) which was great, we did learn that two of the cars had been in accidents. No injuries and hopefully nothing more than a minor fender bender but it is not something that any of us like to learn. Lloyd promises to drive safely.

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2 Responses to Day 4 – Foz de Iguassu to Dourados

  1. John Layzell says:

    Thanks Chuck & Lloyd! Got my daily fix! Looks like Victor & Mark in the 32 Plymouth have caught up to you. Very interested in the Yellowbrick as we will be using in the P2P this May/June. If I’m interpreting correctly, you were the third car home today. Looking forward to more results being posted. Keep Calm and Rally On!

  2. Tim D'Arcy says:

    Chuck, the early bird may get the worm, but it is the SECOND mouse that gets the cheese!!!

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