Rest Day in Foz de Iguassu


Really great to have a day off ??? Remember, I’ve been on one of these rallies before and I know how much work gets done on a day off. And I’m sure Lloyd will emphatically agree.

We are indeed fortunate to be staying at the Iguassu Resort which features a beautiful 18 hole golf course. Of course we were up at 6am for a 6:30 tee time – just kidding of course. The main entrance to the hotel is very elegant as are all the facilities.


Of course you know who got to park right in front … Guess we just have to get used to it – happens all the time. The unfortunate note here is that David and Karen’s room was very small and right over a construction site – not much time to sleep in.


Not bad for the back of the place either. That is a big swimming pool on the left – never did get a chance to take a dip.


I really have no idea what this is – looks like something left over from the Incas but it is certainly colorful.


Just a picture of the rooms – all small condo type dwellings of 4 units and each cluster of has its own pool and hot tub – very nicely done. That is Simon Hope, the “H” in “HH Rallies” that just happened to be passing by – thanks for a very good time so far Simon.


The famous Iguassu (or Iguacu – alternate spelling) falls are nearby which we all visited this morning. The falls are located inside a national park and the map below gives you some idea of the area. Interesting that the Iguassu Falls have now been designated one of the seven natural wonders of the modern world. You will see why …


After a very steep walk down (fortunately) a narrow trail, we arrived at the dock for the boat tour of the falls. Life jackets were in order as were plastic bags to carry anything that you might not want to get wet – hmmm. From the (wet) look of the passengers getting off, we knew they were not kidding.


The Igauassa Falls is the widest falls in the world. Only Niagra Falls in New York has more water volume flowing over the falls and Victoria Falls in Africa is higher. I may have that all screwed up so someone please check – it was hard to hear our guide. Without regard to which is weter, higher or wider, I can assure everyone was wet, very wet. They took us right under the falling water repeatedly, five or six times. I did notice the boat crew had full foul weather gear on – guess they had been there before and dressed for the occasion.


After our dousing, we went to an observation point above the falls to get an idea of where we had been. I left these pictures full size so you could enjoy the full magnitude of this amazing place.


Hard to believe but this is only a portion of the falls.


Meanwhile, back at the ranch, everyone spent the afternoon resting and repairing – that must be what they mean by “R & R”. Pardon the expression, but there were a lot of asses and elbows at hard work trying to prepare for future travels.


And where else would we find Lloyd but under trusty number 14 – I believe he might be taking a nap down there because that is such a nice place to rest on an 85 degree afternoon. The good news is that due to his concerted efforts, we are ready for the next challenge – hopefully.



We just received word that due to a road closure early in the morning tomorrow, we must all be off and running before 5am and all timing has been canceled. Oh well, I guess we will be in early tomorrow afternoon. I can also report that we are tied for first place with two other cars but I say that with all caution – you never know which of the rally gods might be listening.


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