Day 5 – Dourados to Corumba


Today we have another lovely 601 km journey with two Tests (of the speed variety). Departure is set for 6:30 – don’t come on one of these adventures expecting a lot of rest.

Let me begin by admitting my total stupidity yesterday. After going to great lengths to explain the difference between Days and Stages, I blew it by calling yesterday Day 5 when in fact it was Day (Stage) 4. I’m surprised no one mentioned this obvious mistake – thank you for your forbearance.

I also mentioned the minor fender bender where fortunately no one was injured, except the poor car. What we didn’t know at the time was that a prior incident had occurred with this team. Apparently, the air conditioning had failed on this lovely Mercedes and during an attempt to repair same (who would want to travel in Brazil without conditioned air), the co-driver managed to walk backwards into an inspection pit while taking pictures of the facility. Once again, the good news is that while he did injure his shoulder, it was not a serious injury. They are back and ready to go this morning.



It was only a short 30 km drive to the first Test of the day so we were here bright and early. Unfortunately, so were the farmers and truckers we would be sharing the road with today. I’m going to combine the two Tests as the conditions were quite similar except for the distances: 55 km on the first Test and 44 km on the second.


You can see clearly the conditions of the road – wet, clay and gravel. What a way to start the day.


Everyone looks so relaxed (?) – that is Mark Winkleman
who is the driver
of that lovely 1932 Plymouth No. 9.


Some more of the competition – that’s James Stephenson on the right who is the co-driver with his Dad Max in a 1923 Vauxhall – talk about an adventure …


These are just a few of the many cars we passed on these slick muddy roads. If I haven’t mentioned before, Lloyd has a heavy foot when the completion begins – the good news is that he is a very competent driver. Kooks like fun doesn’t it …


Just in case any of you thought we were taking it easy … And further, I can assure you that mud / clay mixture does not come off easily.


We stopped for fuel and also got parrots – very popular animals here in Brazil. We found these guys were just loose flying around enjoying their day when we stopped. I’m thinking they have a pretty good life here.


The unfortunate part of today’s adventure was that once we finished the Tests, we had over 400 km of straight, boring roads. While the countryside was beautiful and we found ourselves traversing cattle country as opposed to farming country, I didn’t think you needed any more landscapes so we are a little short on pictures today.

Tomorrow is a different story entirely as we cross from Brazil into Bolivia – who knows what waits at border crossings. We are also entering mosquito country so we are dutifully taking our malaria pills. Finally, the day after tomorrow (Day 7) we begin to gain significant altitude, enough that we will be changing carburetors that evening; tonight we had a lecture tonight about altitude sickness; fun, fun and more fun …

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2 Responses to Day 5 – Dourados to Corumba

  1. That’s a very pretty Mercedes they crinkled. I love the repair, it will be watched closely I’m sure.

  2. John Layzell says:

    Great job, guys! Keep it up! Love reading about your adventures each day. keep Calm and Rally On!

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