Day 9 – Uyuni to La Paz


We finally got to sleep in – 6am. I must warn you that this post will be short and lots of pictures. The 200 km backtracking to Potasi we had to do because of a closed road did nothing to help an already long day – total 746 km over mostly good roads. The scenery is spectacular especially when you spend most of the day between 12,000 and 13.000 feet – we topped out today at 14,100 feet. The altitude and long hours do take a toll.

Mile after mile or should I say kilometer and kilometer it is just beautiful.

We even saw peaks which were snow covered in late summer.

The vastness of the countryside reminded us a lot of Mongolia.

And of course you have the animals – apparently they all get along just fine.

We came around a corner only to be met by this group of pedestrians – note the combination of characters.

And then the weather changed – major downpour coming out way.

And then it was upon us – torrential rain mixed with sleet and hail – not once but several times.

The towns all along the way speak to poverty – many buildings abandoned and falling down.

Dirt sidewalks where they have any sidewalks at all.

Hundreds of little shops along the streets – I can’t imagine how they all survive.

Some of the better kept buildings – must be the high rent district.

Lots of bright colors – this one must have been painted recently since most don’t look nearly as well.

Piles of rubble in the streets make it hard to decide if they are tearing the building down or building a new one – unfortunatey, it was almost always the former.


Sorry this is so abbreviated – coming into La Paz we ran into the worst traffic and it was already after dark. The policeman on the outskirts of the city told us it would be 15 minutes – took more like 1 ½ hours. We finally arrived at the hotel, a lovely Radisson, by 9:00, ran upstairs to dinner, picked up 4 sheets of amendments to tomorrow’s route and were told that we had to leave by 6:30 in the morning due to road closures. The problems with the road closures was blamed on striking workers but I have a suspicion that crossing the border tomorrow from Bolivia to Peru might also be a contributing factor.

Sorry, but I’ve got to quit and get a few hours’ sleep

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6 Responses to Day 9 – Uyuni to La Paz

  1. Keith Carlson says:

    wow—what’s to say? that’s all pretty dismal. would hope that tomorrow is better but doesn’t sound like it, especially with another border crossing. good luck.

  2. Mike Tucker says:

    Great pictures, Chuck! Hope you guys get some decent rest soon! Thanks!

  3. I realize that you must both be very tired. That is a heck of a lot of miles in one day not matter how good the roads. But you told the story wonderfully and your pictures are great. Well done..

  4. Sandi Hall says:

    Chuck – enjoying following along each day and seeing all your photos. However to me, not an adventure traveller, a odd way to spend lots and lots of money travelling !
    Best wishes for your next border crossing.

  5. Lloyd says:

    Guys, Hope the ferry crossing onto Dad’s favorite Lake, (Titicaca) went well and that you finally get some rest. I have read that some of the other cars have not fared so well. Glad you continue to Press on Regardless!

  6. John Finley says:

    Hey Guys – 1. I don’t feel sorry for you in sheets of rain and hail. What about the folks in Model A convertibles. They must need ski goggles and parkas. 2. How about a map of the trip or country by country, so w can watch your progress (even if you have to put Chile on its side). Best Luck, John Finley

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