Day 11 – Puno to Cusco


Departing Puno in the morning was just like getting out of all the cities we have visited – hectic. This was compounded by the fact that we had to hurry to meet our start time for the first Test of the day – some 20 km away.

The ever present mini bus …


Milling about the start – Steven Harris as always right at the front (he is driving car number 5) …


Once the test was completed, we were off on a trip through the mountains – they are truly spectacular and many are snow-capped despite it being the end of summer.


We spent the entire day driving through the mountains making it very hard to find pictures of other things but they were so spectacular, I had to keep taking pictures.


They even have their own version of the famous “HOLLYWOOD” sign in the hills. This one is a tribute to St. Peter …


Every so often we would pass a small village …


A cute little chapel out in the middle of nowhere …


Then back into the mountains …


Big and beautiful but almost boring after a while …


Just coming into the outskirts of Cusco – back to traffic and reality …


All bright colors and current styles – no more ladies with bowler hats …


The trip through Cusco was very interesting – almost 25 instructions in city traffic over a 6 km stretch which unfortunately left little time for pictures – sorry. I do remember a beautiful square in the middle of town but there was nowhere to stop.

We thought we were staying in Cusco itself but as it turned out our hotel was about 50 km out of town. If last night’s lodging in Puno was a five star hotel, this one is at least a seven. This is the Tambo del Inka which is a Starwood Resort and owned by a wealthy Peruvian businessman. The hotel has a definite western (as in US western) feel and it turns out that one of Steven Harris’ students (Steven is an internationally known architect and heads that department at Yale) had designed the facility.


What a great way to end your day when walking through the front door and be met by a walk-in fireplace with a fire burning,


Now, an apology to Martin Egli who owns the lovely Lagonda you have seen pictures of. Yesterday I said that Martin and the Lagonda had not finished the Peking to Paris rally in 2010 due to a transmission failure. Apparently, that was untrue as was pointed out to me upon our arrival by Karen Ayer. While Martin and some friends did in fact flee to a five star restaurant for lunch while repairs were made on the Lagonda”s transmission, Martin returned and proceeded on to Paris. Sorry Martin – you own one of my most favorite cars.

Good new – some of our missing competitors have rejoined they rally here in Cusco. We are all glad they are safe and back in the fold!

One last thought about the mountains, everyone I spoke with agreed that today was like driving through Austria or Switzerland, the villages were not as picturesque but this sights Mountains wonderful.

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One Response to Day 11 – Puno to Cusco

  1. It is all quite amazing. We see no images of factories or farms. How do these people earn a living?

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