Rest Day in Cusco

Today we made an executive decision to pass up the trip to Machu Picchu in favor of getting some rest and fixing the car. Yesterday we found that we had an electrical gremlin – periodically, a circuit breaker would switch off then reset which caused us to lose headlights and taillights – not something you want with a 600 km drive and three Tests tomorrow. I’m sure Lloyd didn’t get much sleep last night working on the problem in his mind. More on that later.

We stayed put and worked in the parking lot, therefore, the only photos for today are of the hotel, of course. In case you missed yesterday’s blog post, the first two pictures were taken on our arrival. While the entrance to the Tambo del Inka might appear small, it is actually on the third floor of the building and wings run off to the left and right. Please go back to the end of yesterday’s blog for more details.




Just to set the scale of the fireplace, one can walk right through it – assuming it isn’t lighted.


The restaurant has a two story fireplace right in the middle of the room which makes it into separate dining areas.


The bar has this beautifully lit wall behind and has a warm and cozy feel – unfortunately, we didn’t have much time to spend there …


The back half of the lobby was a common meeting place for those who wanted to read or just talk.


The restaurant was two stories high and opened onto a wonderful terrace that overlooked a fast running stream.


More patios on separate levels with fabulous mountain views…


The rooms were extremely comfortable and well planned – the lighting superb …


Looking the other way, the bathroom, which was quite fabulous is the first door on the right and a closet / dressing area the door closest to the room entrance.


My summary of the Tambo del Inka – FABULOUS and the people could not have been nicer. Almost all the staff spoke English and the dining room service absolutely excellent – someone had spent a lot of time training them.

Now for an update on the car. As previously mentioned, we had a spurious electrical failure which could cause major problems. Lloyd managed to diagnose it to a broken wire running between the headlight switch and the brake switch, I’m not sure how he came to that conclusion but he was absolutely right. Rather than trying to find the problem, we simply ran a new wire. Having fixed the major problem, Lloyd then moved on to tightening the front wheel bearings which had loosened slightly from all the pounding over Bolivian “roads”. That done, we discovered the right front direction had two broken wires – a crimp of a connector and that too went away. All sounds simple but it took us five hours to get that done – time that we would have never had if we had gone on the trip to Machu Picchu but we are now ready for tomorrow’s 6:00 am start.




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One Response to Rest Day in Cusco

  1. Spencer Merz says:

    Good troubleshooting. I have had poor results with wire crimps, even in a far more benign environment.

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