Rest Day in Mendoza


The Intercontinental Hotel in Mendoza is just a lovely spot for a rest and some fun – very reminiscent of the Intercontinental Hotel in Ulaan Baatar where we stayed on the Peking to Paris Rally. Excellent service and nice rooms and no dust – doesn’t get much better.



Right across the street is a full blown shopping mall and once inside, you would think you were in a mall anywhere in the States.



This one had the requisite food court right inside the door – McDonalds, Burger King, they were all there.



Ah, but here is one you probably have not seen before – a complete entertainment center for children. Games, rides and lots of blinking lights, a true child’s paradise – the only thing missing was the babysitting service.



And shoes for the ladies in all colors – this picture is for all the shoe lovers following along – you know who you are …



Next door was a full blown casino which we walked through, observed hundreds of slot machines, mostly unused as it was only 11am and moved on – there was work to be done.



A little bit of luck led us to this little shop on a side street which appeared to perform lubrication. We were correct and the wait was only 15 minutes.



We went in to speak to the top dog but found the place had been taken over by the cats. The boss kitten here (about 10 weeks old) was inquiring as to what we needed – very cute.



An initial inspection of a very dirty car was performed to make sure we were in the right place.



No surprise, Lloyd and the technician got right into it – all asses and elbows.



These guys were like two peas in a pod – Lloyd explaining what needed to be done and this young gentleman eager to learn about this old Cadillac.



Think they were having a good time? This was an extremely nice young man and did excellent work under Lloyd’s guidance.



Since we had signed up for the full spa treatment, the wash rack with its specialist was next on the agenda. You would have thought our next stop was going to be Pebble Beach.



And let me tell you, this car was dirty – even the pressure washer didn’t take off all the dirt and dust – it took several scrubbings to get it clean.



Next door we discovered what appeared to be an abandoned villa. This had been a lovely home at one time but now had fallen into disrepair – very sad to see.



And what did we see in the garage – a true barn find. A special prize to the first viewer who can correctly identify the make, model and year of this beauty (we might even disclose its location).



Now fully serviced and shampooed, we only needed to fill up with fuel for our work day to be complete. This station came complete with a “gas gal” – Lloyd makes friends everywhere he goes.



Now here is a rare sight on this adventure – two of the mechanics in broad daylight with nothing to do. How strange …



Lloyd was feeling a little lonely and wanted to return to the mall’s play area for a little companionship – it’s the simple pleasures in life.



Good day – got some rest, serviced the car and are now preparing for eight consecutive days on the road. We also cross the border back into Chile and re-cross into Argentina during that time. Combine that with numerous Tests and we have a very busy schedule ahead. Wish us luck!

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One Response to Rest Day in Mendoza

  1. Lisa says:

    Hadn’t known, til now, that Lloyd was a Hello Kitty kind of guy! xoxo

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