Day 23 -Termas de Chillan to Pucon


It began like all other days on this event – out of bed, grab a (meager) bite to eat, into the car (in the dark) and down the road …

As dawn was breaking, we can up behind this – looked very strange when you couldn’t see the tractor!


The landscape has changed, much less severe and more of an agricultural orientation. They seemed to be growing trees but we were going too fast for proper identification.


The long road ahead but at least it is now green …


We stopped for gas and met a new friend, this guy wanted to come with us …


Perhaps it was because we had some chips (crisps to our UK friends) that we drew such a large audience …


These appeared to be apple trees but again speed limited our research …


They do love long straight roads here in Chile, perhaps it is due to the fact that there was nothing between where they were and where they intended to go when the roads were being built – at least it is now green along the edges.


A quick adjustment of a tie rod end before the first test – I was a little suspicious that Lloyd just wanted a quick nap in his favorite spot – under the car.


A little color amidst the weeds discovered while waiting for the start of yet another Test …


The people are very happy to see the cars, they wave and don’t seem to mind the invasion by all these old and in some cases loud vehicles blasting through their towns.


It did get a little hairy when the Mercedes tried to pass the Model A on this curve – everyone seems to be in such a hurry (except the Model A of course)…


These are all new houses which must be government subsidized as we see developments like this being built everywhere.


As we neared our destination, this snow-capped volcano appeared on the horizon – beautiful and the clouds covering the peak added to the illusion.


Sorry this is so short but so is my time, therefore, only a few updates follow.

News from Pit Lane

The Camero (# 24) has retired and is being shipped home. What began the day as a bad clutch master cylinder took a turn for the worst and wound up as a scized engine. Apparently an oil line was not properly reconnected and the engine “bled to death”. We will miss both Reg and Tony who are headed home – they are great fun and very nice people.

A final note

Our Clerk of the Course, Roger Hunt, had what we hope was a minor accident when he T-boned a bus on his way to the hotel after the last Test. We are awaiting news of his condition and his return. – hang in there Roger, we send our condolences.



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2 Responses to Day 23 -Termas de Chillan to Pucon

  1. John Layzell says:

    Curious to know how Lloyd sensed adjustment to the tie rod was needed, and by how much he adjusted it. Rally On and Keep Calm! John

  2. I love the arty pic of the yellow flowers. Beautiful incongruities.

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