Day 25 – Bariloche to Esquel

Today we got to depart in broad daylight – the story was that we would like the hotel in Bariloche much better that the one(s) in Esquel, out destination. We will see …

Back into the specular mountians where ever corner offer a new vista, even to those on motorcycles …


These are not hills, they are real rugged mountains, even if they are not 20,000 feet tall …


Even the same mountian from a different angle is spectacular.


This is big country and bigger mountains, all rugged and very formitable …


And the ones in the distance are just lovely …


The small towns along the way looked like something from the Alps – all very high end. We stopped for lunch with several other cars along the way (unusual at best for #14, the white Caddy to stop for anything) …


Sort of short day which ended in Esquel which is quite famous for its fly fishing. What do fly fisherman do at night …


We had one of these Regularity / Jogularity Tests today which the Brits are so fond of and we did not do well thanks to me trying to handle too much data in too short a period of time.

The way this works is that you have a number of road instructions with distances between each and a designated amount of time to traverse each distance expressed in minutes and seconds. The objective is to arrive at each location where there may or may not be someone to check your time at the prescribed moment. While this may sound simple, it is complicated by the fact that the distances may not be exact so how could the times be exact – you have to adjust when you see a timer at a location. Then the fun begins, if you are early or late at a location, you have to adjust all subsequent times to maintain the same difference in time; early by 10 seconds for the first checkpoint, you have to be early by 10 seconds for all subsequent controls. Since there were four time controls on this Test, the time differences are cumulative so if you were early for the first by 10 seconds and late by 3 seconds at the next control, you have to be early at the next control by 7 seconds and so on …

Sounds like fun – NOT. I guess our British friends have no roads to drive so they invent these little time / math problems to keep themselves busy while driving their cars. Tomorrow will be a different day.


From Pit Lane:

Very bad news for Steve Hyde and his wife Janet – their 280 SL (#25) seems to have blown another head gasket and may not be able to continue. But don’t count Steve out just yet, the mechanics will work on their car in the morning and Steve doesn’t give up easily – we wish him all the luck in the world – what a competitor! And poor Janet, who has not been feeling well for a couple of days, hangs right in there with him. You guys are nuts (and the very best)!!!

If Steve and Janet cannot continue, that makes 8 cars that have withdrawn and 9 that either began touring or switched along the way of the 29 cars that were to start – that leaves only 12 competing (and 3 are in our class – 1 of 5 classes).

Tomorrow is another Regularity / Jogularity Test, this one over 100 kilometers – maybe it will be easier over a longer distance, but I doubt it. We have revised our timing strategy so we’ll hope for the best. On a positive note, the car is running great.


The last word:

The winner of our “Barn Find” contest was Jim Hope who correctly identified the car as a 1947 Ford Custom Delux – someone in your family own one of these beauties back in the day Jim? Great call (we knew it was a Ford but didn’t know the year or model – thanks for your help). We will be happy to let you know exactly where the car is in case you want to come to South America and try to purchase it from the owner.

Chow …

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