Day 26 – Esquel to Los Antiguos


We are becoming experts at sunrises, not because we are fond of them, it’s just the time of day we must leave to make sure we are on time for the day’s Test(s). Not as much fun as you might think when they happen day after day and we only have 588 kilometers to drive to the next stop. While it might sound like I’m complaining, today’s sunrise made it all worthwhile.


Red sky at night, sailors delight – red sky in the morning, sailors take warning and while we were not sailing today, it should have been a warning that all might not go as we had planned. Of course, we didn’t know that at the time.


Backlit mountains are our specialty …


Couldn’t resist taking this picture – we had stopped to stretch our (Lloyd’s) legs which of course we never do so focusing was a much simpler problem which warranted this photo …


We arrived at the scene of the Regularity Test early along with some other early risers. Our friend, Hayden Burvill, thought the hood of the Caddy looked very comfortable and stretched out for a nap.


We had time enough on our hands so we went into the small town near the Test start. Mark Seymour had a fan club waiting to try out the Model A.


The kids had a real blast – what a thrill for them.


Bill Bolsover was caught fixing up the boot in his Bentley …


And Lloyd started his own fan club handing out business cards with pictures of the Caddy …


Martin Egli who is usually the ringleader of these little side adventures was doing his Rommel imitation as he returned from a local store having obtained supplies for breakfast. Martin had found a little restaurant hidden behind the wash hanging on the clothes line and convinced the owner to serve us if he went and got the food and drink. This is a really amazing, fun man and a true delight to spend time with to say nothing of the fact that he drives my favorite car, the Lagonda.


This was a very fun loving group and did we laugh …


The children were waiting outside for our departure and Lloyd obliged with more cards.


They all took turns taking pictures to show to their friends. They are like kids everywhere, they each had a cell phone.


Victor and James relaxing in a ditch at the start – James swore he had been in bed at 9 last night (doubtful) while Victor admitted to having visited a disco until the wee hours.


The Regulatory / Jogularity Test, never our strong suit, was not going especially well (it takes practice and we’ve never done this sort of thing before) but then things went from bad to worse. The car just stopped running for no apparent reason, then just started up again after half a minute. Thought we might have had a problem there … Then it stopped again after about 5 minutes, this time it could not be convinced to run. Fortunately, the mechanics caught up with us a few minutes later and they and Lloyd determined the problem was a lack of fuel getting to the carburetor. A dirty filter was discovered, cleaned out and we were back on the road again.

Not so fast, we stopped again a few minutes later and were immediately joined by the mechanics. A more thorough diagnosis revealed that the fuel line from one of the tanks was filled with debris. A quick disassembly and a blast of air and we were off again – terribly late for the Test but running well so on to tonight’s destination.

We came around the corner to discover Lago (Lake) Buenos Aires where we are staying for the night. This is truly a beautiful area of the world.


Our hotel is right on the lake and some folks went in swimming – they reported the water was quite nice.


The view from the hotel steps … There is a dock just behind the tree on the right and a number of our group had brought gear to fish – no records for count or size were set today.


Lloyd went to work on the car cleaning all the fuel filters and blowing out all the lines to prevent a recurrence of today’s problem. It’s not easy being your own chief mechanic.


I think the glass of wine on Daniel Schlatter’s Mercedes makes a great statement.


News from Pit Lane:

Other than our misadventure, I am sad to pass on the conclusion of Steve Hyde’s story from yesterday. Repairs to his Mercedes this morning were unsuccessful or impossible and his car is being shipped home. The good news is that he and Janet have continued along with us in a rented vehicle – they are great fun and a pleasure to be with.

All for now, hopefully more tomorrow.

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4 Responses to Day 26 – Esquel to Los Antiguos

  1. Is the Caddy a stick shift, and if so, how many gears; 3,4,5, or 6- How are the brakes modified, discs front and back?
    Dr. Hutchinson Lakeland, Florida

  2. Keith Carlson says:

    Not a rally type, I was concerned at your first mention above of a “regularity” test, thinking that, considering the ages of the participants, the diet available to you, and the crazy schedules, that’s mean-spirited, but I later see, as in other days’ notes, it is actually a “regulatory” test. I feel much better; whether all of you do, in that regard, one can only hope.
    Press on, and good on ya!!

  3. After your troubles yesterday, are you still leading in points or did you fall back?

    • Peter are you from Biddeford/Old Orchard, Maine? I have a distant cousin with your same name there.
      Regards-Dr. David Hutchinson in Florida (
      PS. I am related to the late Charlie Gendron and the LaRochelles- My mother’s maiden name was Anita Elizabeth (Betty) Bourassa

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