Day 27 Los Antiquos to Gdor Gregores


We have moved from mountains and deserts to sunrises for the theme of the day, not a bad transition unless you have to get up each day before dawn. But as previously stated, the view is well worth the effort.

Today is a short 400 kilometer jaunt over a lot of dirt roads (of course, what else) and a Regulatory Test (one of our favorites). “Jogularity Tests” are sort of a game, loved by the Brits, but sort of a joke – ha, ha – we tricked you again. It may be their idea of fun but not my idea of a serious rally.


Back to the rolling countryside, pretty but I’m sure I’m boring you.


Then there are the snowcapped peaks in the distance – beautiful and not so boring …


Ah, the “Test” – of what I’m not sure, perhaps mathematical prowess for the savant in the group. The competitors gather …


And a look down the road – gravel of course but this stuff is really in good shape – you could go down this at 120 kilometers, no trouble – right?


A look back at the start …


There are only a few cars still competing (many have failed and others have converted to touring) and some of these only compete in selected events – interesting???


Oh yes, the white Cadillac (#14) is still hanging in there and has competed in every “Test” – no picture is needed.

Once the Test was completed, many stopped for a break and a coffee – as always, Martin Egli led the way …


Lloyd had brought some Mad River Glenn (a ski resort in the Eastern States) stickers along which said in Spanish “Ski It If You can” – unfortunately, he couldn’t locate them until now – better late than never …


Liza Cotter had always wanted a ride in an open Bentley and Peter Little was happy to oblige – from the look on her face when she got out of the car, her husband Terry is scheduled for a pre-war open car – hope you enjoy Bentleys in the rain Terry.


Finally off the gravel and dust – the DQ (dust quotient) was no higher than 7 today – we were back on the straight (and paved, with minimal dust) narrow for most of the rest of our journey.


When entering our host town,
Gdor Gregores, we were greeted by this wonderful statue (significance unknown) of a rider and his dog (under the horse’s feet).


This real horse (the first one I could get a photo of because we never slow down or stop) was untethered and didn’t want to come talk with me – I tried to tell him I was a close friend of the Llama I had visited with earlier in the trip but he was buying none of that. He looked pretty fit and his tail was nicely bobbed so I’ll assume he just didn’t like me.


We had been invited to a local car show by the townsfolk who went out of their way to be hospitable so we were all present …


This was early before the crowds arrived …


These people were really having fun and many of these cars were ones brought by the locals …


And a “racing” Renault Dauphine – what a great car …


Then there was something for everyone – the kids had their own bouncy playground.


Rally Summary:

As of today, there have been 8 cars which have retired completely, 8 more which have switched from competition to touring and 2 which began as touring – all from the original 29 cars registered for the start. This does not count the organizational vehicles which have also met with mishaps – 1 totally inoperable and several others in various states of disrepair trying to dodge the final straw. All in all, this is a very high causality rate. Of the remaining 11 cars, a number only show up for selected (usually Regularity / Jogularity events which are conducted a lower speeds) events which leaves only a few day to day competitors. The way the classes were set up and the number of cars still competing in each class leaves the cars selecting which events to compete in as “spoilers” – they are so far behind they can’t improve their position but they can hurt the leaders in their class. This is a very interesting way to run any competitive event.

We haven’t seen results in several days but our poor performance in the “British” events has probably dropped us several places. I don’t mean to sound bitter, but I didn’t know we were attending a trick answer math quiz as opposed to an endurance rally. Such is life and we still have a long way to go.

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3 Responses to Day 27 Los Antiquos to Gdor Gregores

  1. Keith Carlson says:

    Many tks for the individual shots of cars.
    The locals at the car show must have been very pleasantly surprised at your augmenting it with many interesting and unexpected additions.
    As to the contests, reinforces my poor-sport lack of interest in rallying, but the spoiler situation brings the question—politicking, under the table, various means of influencing the spoilers to one’s cause?
    Many many tks again for adding the time for pics and comments to your very demanding situation, the blog is a big plus to those of us up here.

  2. Nice to see so much green and a pleasant social atmosphere. The presence of the Renault Dauphine and a formula race car would intimate that there must be a race track nearby. That might have been fun for a lap or two with the Caddy. If memory serves, Dauphines were rallied in Europe in their day with some success probably prior to the advent of Minis. I wonder how that one got there?

  3. Tom Fergus says:

    Thank you Chuck, for these daily updates. They are anything but boring!

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