Day 28 Gdor Gregores to El Calafate


Before we begin another day, we should conclude the prior one. Gdor Gregores is a small town and didn’t have a restaurant large enough for our entire group. Remember all those folks at the car show? Well it seems the Mayor of the town organized a group to decorate a Quonset hut, roast several sheep and provide entertainment for the evening. These young dancers were just terrific. A sincere thanks to all the townsfolk of Gdor Gregores for the hospitality and friendship shown us during our very brief stay.


The trip today was short by comparison, only 335 kilometers and one Jogularity (my favorite thing but enough already said on that subject) Test. All went well right up to the very end where we had a problem (my fault) once again. Tomorrow will be another day.

While beautiful, nothing about the scenery caught my attention – the result, few pictures – sorry. Maybe we were talking too much.

El Calafate is a much larger town and quite pretty. It is interesting that as we have moved south, the bars on the windows of homes and businesses have disappeared, the landscape has softened and there is no trash piled on the roadsides – the people seem friendlier too. Nice wide streets with trees and sidewalks are now the norm.


El Calafate, which sits on Lake Cardial, is known for an active glacier located in a nearby National Park. Quite a sight when you first see the mountain …


It looks like it should be part of a painting, especially with the road in the foreground …


The glacier itself appears as a white wall and while boat trips were available, we just opted for some photos and a return to Hotel Xelena. The next time you visit Patagonia, I would highly recommend a stop here.


And just to prove that I am in attendance, my good friend John Brigden offered to take a picture …


Dinner tonight was at a local restaurant – lamb seems very popular in this area of the world and the sheep were roasting, behind a glass wall, right inside the door. Great effect!


The shorter days have provided more time to visit with the other participants – a very welcome change. There are a number of folks who were on Peking to Paris 2010 with us and it has been great renewing old friendships. Of course, this has also been an opportunity to meet new friends from all over the world.

Only three more days, but who is counting …

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3 Responses to Day 28 Gdor Gregores to El Calafate

  1. What stunning contrasts to previous days. Beautiful! Thank you.

  2. Penny Dowen says:

    Oh my I have the green eyes of envy looking at your latest photos. I check my inbox first thing in the morning to keep up to date with your fabulous blog and I am going to be lost without you next week,but following you both has been a little bit magic every day,so “thank you” so much for the ride. Best wishes for a winning result.
    Sincerely Penny

  3. Mike T. says:

    I can’t believe there are just 3 days left! I’m going to have major blog withdrawal…

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