Day 29 – El Calafate to Rio Gallegos


A little bit of a break this morning, only 384 kilometers to drive and only one speed Test so we got to sleep in until 6:30 – ah, the good life. We are now in the flat lands of Patagonia where this line of hills are prevalent. The hills quickly gave way to plains that seemed to go on forever.


Test time and the competitors gather – now a very small group. This is the hard core competitors …


Gravel road ahead, this is what today’s road looked like. Actually, the surface was pretty good without too many potholes.


One more shot of us overtaking the Lagonda which only occurred due to Martin and Jack having to stop to repair a throttle linkage which had come apart. Lloyd did his usual superb job of getting us to the finish with plenty of time to spare.


Bill’s Bentley once again tried to shed its exhaust system – it’s the amazing, that car just wants to make more noise.


Jack with a big hammer under the car putting the finishing touches on the repair – great to have you around Jack.


And the proof of the repair is Bill and Biddy back
on the road …


The roadbook indicated a café some 80 kilometers up the road and everyone put that on their “to do” list. For the locals, it must have been like the “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” but a good time was had by all …


Back to the open spaces – we agreed this was a lot like Mongolia but with good roads. There is not much occupying this part of the country except for occasional flocks of sheep and miscellaneous small animals.


The invasion of Rio Gallegos by this very tired band of travelers in old cars …


The Hotel Patagonia (our lodging for the night) might look a little long in the tooth from the outside, but what a beautiful establishment. Great meeting areas, good bars and very comfortable, clean rooms – whoever decorated this place knew what they were doing and a great meal. Another entry onto my “A” list for South America …

Tomorrow a mere 378 kilometers, two borders, one ferry and one Regularity Test – sounds like a full day, we can only hope …



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2 Responses to Day 29 – El Calafate to Rio Gallegos

  1. Looks like things are going well. Good luck tomorrow.

  2. Keith Carlson says:

    One can only continue to say “good for you” (to all) and “many thanks again” (to Chuck).
    And of course add “great driving” to Lloyd.

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