Day 31 – Rio Grande to Ushuaia


Our last day on the road …

On one hand, it seems like we have been at this forever and on the other it feels like we just departed Rio. Whichever the case might be, it has been a fabulous time and we have certainly seen a lot of South America.

A very short day, only 211 kilometers, no Tests, no borders to cross – what will we do with ourselves?

As always, Martin Egli is ready to go and you might conclude from Jack’s hat it is a bit brisk this morning.


Apparently fishing is a key element of the Rio Grande experience.


The morning shot of the countryside and one will certainly do for now, however, a quick look at the map reveals this will change before we reach Ushuaia.


The Atlantic Ocean – I didn’t see anyone on the beach today – it is cold and rough here.


And our first trees – they all looked like they suffered from some type of blight.


And now mountains in the distance – hard to believe we would be looking forward to seeing mountains 10 days ago.


The landscape becomes much more interesting …


Snow on the mountainside and a lake …


Then we came upon Lago (Lake) Fagnano – what a spectacular place …


Surrounded by mountains and by my estimate about 120 kilometers long, this is a really big body of water.


And the surrounding mountains (I’m just filling in pictures of what we saw there) …


Windy, yes indeed and those are whitecaps on the lake.


Back up into these spectacular mountains – amazing how quickly the landscape has changed …


And then an overlook – nothing words can add …


Toby and his truck have kept many of us going – what a great guy – and he has everything needed to fix a generic car …


Our faithful Caddy, ready and waiting, anxious to get to the finish and take a well-deserved rest.


Just a few more mountains …


And a little bit of fall color …


This is not the easiest place to live unless you love winter.


And finally, the place many refer to as the “End of the World”


But clearly, many live here, much shipping is done from the port and many cruises leave each week.


Ah, the rendezvous, we all met to go to the finish together.


But there were still more sites to see …


Including the final procession to the hotel, these were very tired people and machines …


The final turn to the finish !!!


Another wonderful hotel to spend, this time in a while, two nights …


What a location, on the Beagle Channel (look it up) with this view back to Chile – just a spectacular end to an amazing trip.


Thanks for your loyalty and I hope you have enjoyed our trip half as much as we have – but wait, there will be more. We still have another day here in Ushuaia and then I’m sure we will provide an epilog sometime in the near future.

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8 Responses to Day 31 – Rio Grande to Ushuaia

  1. Randy Rash says:

    We enjoyed riding along with you guys congratulations on finishing in such great fashion

  2. Gerd A. Buehler says:

    Well done Chuck an Lloyd, Congratulation!!! Birgit and I thank you so much for your wonderful informing dayly reports which made us to be with you and the others. Hopefully we meet in Turkey this October or latest in 2015 at the Big One “NY to Paris”. Tell Toby and Andy I have now an original Kenia expirienced Fiat 131 Abarth ready for the Safari in the future. But now enjoy the memories of this great event. Gerd

  3. Penny Dowen says:

    “Thank you” both so much for allowing me to be a ghost rider with you for the trip.Your Blog has been the highlight of our miserable winter here in the UK so it feels rather sad to be saying Farewell,but there is the promise of your Adios tomorrow,so I will look in the morning for a final treat.Congratulations on your successes and your fabulous Blogs,simply brilliant.
    Regards Penny UK

  4. Congrats guys It has been another wonderfull trip on this side of the Internet too. We all know a lot more about South America it has been like being back in geography class. Now you can change seasons again and come home to Spring. DT

  5. Keith Carlson says:

    Many tks again and kudos, triumphs and alarums to you and to Lloyd! Well done, both the trip and your very informative sharing of it to all of us. Recognize your final hotel, as that was our first night when we cruised through the channels and up to Torres del Paine & the glaciers in ’07. Bet you’re very very glad to be there and to get home.

  6. Tom Fergus says:

    Congratulations men, and thank you for sharing so much with us, it was a great ride!

  7. Thank you both for an entertaining and educational 31 + days. It has been an eyeopener to learn that (1) South America is not one vast tropical jungle, (2) that it is not a jungle at all (3) that people there possess winter clothing and that there is snow and (4) that a ’49 Cadillac could be so though, not to mention the two birds driving it. Thanks hugely for sharing the trip with us..

  8. Jorge Cifuentes says:

    Wonderful experience on incredible cars; I’m happy that the rally extended to this Southern part of the world. The USA are not America, they are just a part of America

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