Epilogue – Lloyd’s View


Long after the dust of passing trucks has settled and the images of brilliant mountains and flat deserts have faded, I will remember my fellow travelers on the great South American Challenge, both participants and staff.  Granted, the roads were fantastic, except for a few from hell, and the vistas were breathtaking, but I shall treasure more the friendships of all of us striving to reach Ushuaia.  I hope, and expect that we will meet again.  I am particularly mindful of the travails of those teams that suffered through multiple breakdowns, tire punctures, and niggling failures.  Their persistence is as remarkable as the skill and willingness of the mechanics that ministered to our creaky steeds and made them ready for the next leg.  Fortunately, the Cadillac made Chuck’s and my ride far easier.  Perhaps this was because everything that had come loose or fallen off during the Peking to Paris adventure had been epoxied back in place for ever, and thank goodness for the addition of disc brakes, without which I would have needed to be a far more timid driver.


To all you intrepid rallyists, and armchair rallyists, I say: travel far and travel safely.



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4 Responses to Epilogue – Lloyd’s View

  1. Spencer Merz says:

    Very elegantly put!


    Sent from my iPad

  2. Keith Carlson says:

    congratulations once again, and again, many thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks again for a great internet adventure to a part of the world I knew little about.

  4. Lisa says:

    Channeling your car parts, I was stuck like epoxy to news of your adventures. Congratulations on an awesome trip. xoxo

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